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Samuel R. Chand
What’s Shakin’ Your Ladder?
15 Challenges all leaders face
In What’s Shakin’ Your Ladder? Dr. Chand discusses 15 challenges that are common to all leaders and teaches you how successfully overcome them. Regardless of whether you are leading a small church in New Guinea or a Fortune 500 corporation in New York, you will be confronted by the challenges of:
  • Focus: Finding and maintaining what is important.
  • Communication: Saying it in a way that everyone gets it.
  • Decision Making: Understanding how we make decisions so we can make them better.
  • Choosing the Team: Making critical decisions as to who is on our team.
  • Change vs. Transition: Intentionally planning transitions for smoother change.
  • Conflict: Understanding the importance of health during conflict.
  • Control vs. Delegation: Learning when to hang on and when to let go.
  • Execution: Getting the job done.
If you want to grow as a leader, this book is your guide

ISBN: 0-9760362-1-5

Price: $24.95


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