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SPEED: Once you’ve submitted your manuscript to Mall Publishing, the book production will take only five to eight weeks to complete based on quantity and style of book.

INCOME: Your profit margins can be 40 to 400% based on quantities published. You can recover all your costs once you have sold just 200 books (perfect bound books).
IN-CHARGE: A book is a reflection of the author. Self-publishing gives you the final word on the direction of your book. The decisions are exclusively your and not limited by third parties with intentions and interests different from your own.
OWNERSHIP: As a self-publisher, you own all rights to your book.
NICHE: Your book may fill a specific need that has not been met. You can test the market by printing a small quantity of books. Self-publishing allows you to target your book to a specific niche.
LEGACY: Making money is not the only reason to publish. Sharing what you have learned or leaving a legacy are other admirable motives. A book is an expression of yourself.
CREDIBILITY: As a published author you have more credibility for your message. You will be proud to be the author of a published book. You will gain self-confidence and self-esteem.
NO OTHER CHOICE: There are more manuscripts than can be read. Most publishers donít have time to even look at your manuscript.
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