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For your convenience, Mall Publishing offers services to obtain copyright, bar code, ISBN, and Library of Congress Control Number for your book. Not all books need every item.

ISBN : The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the ten-digit number on the back of a book which identifies the publisher and book title.

EAN BAR CODING: An EAN bar code is your ISBN transferred into an OCR (Optical Character
eadable) scan able image.
UPC BAR CODE: In addition to an EAN bar code, a book may require a Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code if it will be sold to retailers other than bookstores
PRINTING A BAR CODE: If used, a bar code must be printed on a white background in black ink. It is usually printed on the back cover but may also be found inside the front cover or on labels.

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CONTROL NUMBER: In 1901, the Library of Congress set up a unique numbering system to create a database of forthcoming publications. Many public and private libraries from all over the world are subscribers to the services of the Library of Congress.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to the original works of authorship. By copyrighting your book, you are protecting the text, photographs, and maps, but not the title, names or short phrases.

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