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Samuel R. Chand
Who Moved Your Ladder?
Your next bold move
You hardly realized that your life moved into auto-pilot. You were comfortable following your dream – your vision – your goals. That was your golden ladder. Then one day you heard yourself saying. “Something isn’t right. What’s gone wrong? It used to be fun climbing this ladder, but the joy and excitement have gone. What do I do now?”
  • How do you process what’s going on inside you?
  • To whom do you go for help? Who is there to counsel you?
  • What resources are available for ladder moving or ladder changing?
  • How do you hold on and let go at the same time?
  • How do you simultaneously cope with the diminished and increased passion?
  • What will I lose? What is there to gain?
Taking the next bold move is not easy – but you finally admit, “I have no choice, I have to jump!”
Who Moved Your Ladder will equip you for that leap.

ISBN: 0-9760362-5-8

Price: $24.95


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